Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to drop us a note via the contact us page or email


Whatever plan you go for you will be billed on the day of sign up. After that for 1 Month Plans you're billed on the 25th of every month. 3 Month plans you're billed on the 25th every 3 months. 12 Month plans you're billed on the 25th annually.

We ship all wines for all plans on 28th of every month.

Don't worry, if you're on the monthly plan & sign up on say the 15th you won't be billed again on the 25th before your first box on the 28th. Tech takes care of all of that!

We've worked hard to keep our packaging as Eco friendly as we can at these early stages. Our box & tape is recyclable, our bubble wrap is biodegradable, and we are working on improving our packaging's Eco credentials as much as possible.

But the simple fact is that shipping wine in glass bottles, across continents & to the UK has far greater impact on the planet than what it's wrapped in.

That's why at Smashed Grapes we pledge that when we reach 1000 subscribers we will invest in offsetting our carbon footprint for all of our cases shipped, past, present & future.


When you make a purchase we'll send you an email with a link to your account page. You can also register using the same email address to our site to log on at any time.

Here you can add promo codes, change your delivery details or subscription plan & if you're crazy, cancel!

Yes. If it's not for you that's totally fine. But we'll be sad to see you go. We don't have contracts or tie ins. If you're on the 1 Month Plan you can cancel any time & receive no further charges. If you're on the 3 or 12 Month plan & cancel in the middle of that 3 or 12 Month period, you will be refunded in full minus £60 for every month of wine you had delivered.


We change the wines every month, you just need to choose if you want all red, all white or a mixed case. We aim to put in some familiar faces every month but what we really like to do is introduce you to new, more unheard of regions & styles. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 you get way more bang for your buck than the famous stuff.

There's no accounting for taste. But what we do have is a ton of research & insight into what it is about wine that makes it so tasty. All our wines are picked for one thing only, drinking. That means there won't be any odd balls, no difficult children & definitely no marmite wines. That sort of wine making is frankly pretentious & not what we're about. So even our more unusual stuff is built to be loved & to be drunk. In volume. 

We know this is important to lots of people & the simple answer is not all of them. However we are working with some really great, forward thinking wine makers & so we can say that in most cases the majority will be vegan or vegetarian suitable (that's just the way they work). But always check the bottle first. The same goes for being organic.