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The Dry truth about White Wine.

Acidity vs Sweetness We all know what a dry wine is. But do we really know what a dry wine is? Some people love it, others hate it. Why does white wine taste sour? For a big portion of wine drinkers it’s the reason they only drink red wine; that dry astringency just doesn’t delight in the same way as something full & fruity. Well here’s the news flash drinkers - that’s not dryness you don’t like, it’s acidity, and usually unbalanced acidity as a result of bad wine making. Now for some science: Acidity & Sweetness are two of the four fundamental traits that go into making wine tasty. The first is the pH level of the wine as...

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What should I pay for wine?

Wine is like fashion. As much as we can all aspire to own mulberry handbags & Ralph Lauren shirts (and there’s nothing wrong with that) the vast majority of us are looking to wear something that makes us feel good, serves a purpose but is also good value for money. Wine is the very same, sure we can get excited about a rare vintage claret or wonder how good a £30 Malbec really is, but what we really want is something tasty, thirst quenching & that doesn’t break the bank. We all understand that the raw materials in a £30 shirt & a £200 shirt aren’t that different. Sure the labour or craftsmanship that goes into a £100 handbag &...

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