It’s hard sometimes to do the right thing right? This month alone we’ve listened to stories of birds being rescued from discarded face masks, read a study that literally puts a countdown on the existence of polar bears on our planet & shock horror it turns out the Thames is a floating plastic cesspit.

At the same time we’ve all crammed some definitely non recyclables into the wrong bin because the main one was overflowing. Forgot to take the bags for life to Aldi so bought a load of single use & who else is stock piling single use plastic gloves & masks like there’s a global pandemic or something?!

iNews: Polar bears are endagered 22 July 2020

The problem with being ‘Eco’ is that we’ll always way it up against the immediate inconvenience. I mean come on, you might be the most diligent garbage sorter in the cul de sac, but that family SUV doesn’t half set the driveway off nice. You could be the most passionate upcycler but when £20 worth of Primarni can clothe the kids for a summer, what you going to do?!

Well the good news is that drinking your favourite bottle of vino no longer has to be another eco hurdle for you to feel guilty about. When we started Smashed Grapes we were well aware of the environmental impact wine has on our planet. The average bottle of wine has a carbon footprint of about 1.5kg from production to packaging & delivery. On it’s own that’s fairly insignificant (roughly 3 miles driven in a car) but as an industry a significant contributor to the problem.

The answers? Buy wine locally, more eco friendly shipping? No, the issue is glass. The glass production alone accounts for 39% of the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine. All packaging 46%. Plus it’s heavy, so that makes all the shippings footprint higher too. To all those out there pioneering alternative wine packaging, we salute you. But while that accounts for less than 1% of the world's wines, what can we do that will actually make an impact?

Firstly all the other packaging. At Smashed Grapes we’re proud to be shipping all of our wine in PulpSafe, made from 100% recycled material. It’s the leading eco alternative to polystyrene & plastic wine packaging which still offers the highest levels of protection.

However it’s partnerships with organizations like Ecologi (formally Offset Earth) who offer easy to use plans to entirely offset the carbon footprint of a business or an individual that really makes an impact. How do they achieve this? Planting trees. It’s the simplest & most effective way of Carbon offsetting. It takes 1 newly planted tree to offset the CO2 footprint of 8 delivered Smashed Grapes boxes & that is our commitment. Now & forever, as we grow, so will the Smashed Grapes forest. Thanks to Ecologi it’s that easy. Check it out for yourself!

To be clear, this isn’t a ‘look at us’ piece. It’s a thank you. A thank you to great brands like PulpSafe & phenomenal organisations like Ecologi that make doing the right thing easy (and affordable) because we’re only human, but you guys are heroes, and thanks to you, we can all say we did the right thing. So to all other wine retailers, and any other retailer for that matter, come on guys, there’s no excuse with these folks around!