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Empty shelves in the wine aisle! - Smashed Grapes

Empty shelves in the wine aisle!

What the supermarkets don’t want you to know about wine & CV19.

Did anyone else notice the wine shelves go a little bare a few weeks into lockdown? Understandable right? On my list for pandemic survival it went: loo roll, fish fingers, wine - done.

You’d be forgiven for thinking high demand & supply issues from around the world is what left us with a brief vino shortage. But the real situation is quite the opposite & the supermarkets don’t want us to know.

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In light of the national lockdown the UK government implemented rules forcing supermarkets to dedicate their resources to stocking only essential household items. What that meant was they quickly bounced back with more loo roll, more pasta & more frozen pizza. But for some crazy reason this didn’t include wine. As a result shelves started to go bare.

Meanwhile thanks to CV19 wine suppliers were reeling. With pubs & restaurants closed & the supermarkets focussing on boring stuff, millions & millions of bottles sat un-drunk. Their life line was a small % they were holding, already bought & paid for by the likes of Tesco & Sainsburys.

Not long after the panic buying subsided, supply chains went back to normal but the supermarkets had a problem. Not only did they have old wine stock that didn’t get to the shelves but also stock incoming from the suppliers - and what do you do when you have surplus supply. Discount!

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Now is the time to grab a bargain in the wine aisle. Suppliers are sat on stock that should have gone to restaurants & pubs, supermarkets are sat on stock they had to leave in the warehouse to make room for nappies & to top things off 2019 was a bumper crop year for the world's wine makers. So that’s even more vino coming down the pipeline.

What does that mean? Well to balance the books your firm favourites will stay the same, maybe even go up. Shops will recoup their losses by charging heavy for Bordeaux & Burgundy, Argentinian Malbec & New Zealand Sauvignon. The slow movers, the left field regions will drop in price massively - and that’s where the delicious bargains lie.

The French Languedoc, Italy’s Puglia & Sicily, La Mancha in Spain. All these unsung heroes of the wine world will be cheap as chips (at the supermarkets expense not the maker) and we love love love it!

So steer clear of the big names & firm favourites & surprise yourself with a tasty bargain - you’ll thank us for it.

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