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Veneto, Italy | £11.99

The Biscardo Family have been making wine from their base in Soave for over 150 years and are currently led by brothers Maurizio and Martino, as well as newly joined daughter Maddalena.

Like many families in Verona in the 1800s they started out in textiles but soon moved into wine as well as taking over a coaching house. At the beginning of the 1900’s Biscardo wine was spreading widely across Europe thanks to the constant improvements in the winemaking process. Making them one of the most celebrated names in Italy.

The Family produce great Prosecco, Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone (see What’s in the Bottle) but it was the wine’s they call the “Biscardo Trilogy” that blew our minds at a recent industry tasting. A red, white & rosé that uses everything they know from all types of styles of winemaking to produce 3 dangerously drinkable wines. Our favourite, the red.

Biscardo Neropasso uses the same 2 grapes you would find blended into the best Amarones; Corvinone and Corvina, as well as some Cabernet Sauvignon to make a full and fruity red. However the beauty is in their use of the Appassimento technique, to partially dry out grapes before winemaking and concentrate flavour.

The Biscardo family are masters of this craft, producing some of the most premium Amarone in Italy, however they have still managed to replicate this in their most entry level wines.

The soft velvety tannins of Neropasso are insanely drinkable, it’s a game changer for Italian wine fans, grab some now and thank us later - we’ll pass on the message to Maurizio, Martino and Maddalena!

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