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This is the part of the site where most wine subscriptions sell you the story. We could sell you tales of beautiful vineyards in far away lands, where the winemaker had a charming cocker spaniel & his wife made wholesome country fayre. We could talk about six generations of winemaking expertise where family names command the respect & kudos of the wine world.

We could even throw in a picture of Dan holding some grapes like a complete… you get the picture!

You want to know about Smashed Grapes, it’s simple. Two schoolmates who have been working hard on their drinking skills for years. Sam, who after ten years in the hospitality industry has actually managed to wade through the fog of snobbery to learn what makes wine so tasty (he’s got certificates & everything.) Dan, brought up in British boozers but has recently found a taste for the vino, wants to explore what else is out there and keeps Sam in check for too much wine BS.

Our mission; to bring you super tasty wines, with maximum drinkability & zero snobbery. Because when you tear down the ridiculous pomp & ceremony around wine it is actually really easy to get bang for your buck.

We don’t just want you to buy our wine. It’s bigger than that. We’ll show you how to get the best from the bottle online, in the supermarket, at your local or in a posh restaurant. Once you know the secrets, you’ll never overpay for plonk again. At the end of the day it’s all just Smashed Grapes.

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