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The wine world is woefully behind when it comes to sustainability. At Smashed Grapes we're here to change that.


Carbon offsetting

The first, and easiest step to reducing our impact is by offsetting all of our Carbon Emissions. By partnering with Ecologi we plant a tree everytime you make an order. Offsetting the carbon footprint of over 40 bottles of wine, from the producer to your door, for every order placed. So unless your baskets really full, we've got it covered!

Our partner ship with Ecologi

Smashed Grapes support in numbers
months climate positive workforce
18.5 tons
of carbon reduction
trees planted
international climate projects supported

Sustainability issues within industry


Shipping heavy glass bottles around the world is a big problem for the wine industries carbon footprint. Over 50% of the CO2 produced from a bottle of wine is the manufacture of the bottle, 30% the freight and 20% the wine making process. While we offset every kg of Carbon produced by our wines, we are also at the forefront of pioneering our own alternative packaging that could not only reduce our impact, but also the impact of other large retailers.


Like any type of agriculture the growing of grapes has a significant impact on the ecological environment around the vineyard. At Smashed Grapes we only work with producers doing their bit to not only minimise impact but also 'give back' to the ecosystems that surround them. Whether through Organic or Biodynamic growing, as well as sustainable land management practices.


At the heart of any wine is people. At Smashed Grapes we're not just about wine that's good for the planet, but for those people too. This starts by paying a fair price for our wines. With a huge immigrant workforce we work with our producers to keep up the fight against trafficked labour. We whole heartedly support producers who source workforce from the local community, giving back to their surrounding communities.

Our packaging

Fully recylable

We are constantly working to improve and update the sustainability of our packaging. We only use recyclable materials, and where possible already recycled. We're exploring plant based materials for our pouches and we shred every single box that wines are delivered to us in to use for our own packaging.

Our suppliers

The partnerships we form that enable us to run our business are very important to us. As members of the Sustainable Wine Round Table it's essential that we create a network of advocates for environmental change around us long into the future. If our suppliers aren't doing it right, then nor are we!

Some of our favourite eco friendly wines

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